Hydraulic Fluids

Hydraulic fluids play several important roles in the smooth operation of a well-balanced and well-designed hydraulic system. These include:

  • Heat transfer
  • Power transfer
  • Corrosion prevention
  • Lubrication

There is a strong political and social movement to minimise the impact of human activity on the global environment through the use of renewable and sustainable technologies.

There are a number of interrelated classification systems for (Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants) EALs including and several regions place restrictions on the use of mineral oil based products in environmentally sensitive areas, and these countries insist on the use of environmentally acceptable lubricants. These include:

  • The European Union’s Ecolabel for lubricants standard to promote the development and use of lubricating products with reduced environmental impact.
  • The USDA’s (United States Department of Agriculture) BioPreferred® certification system for products with high levels of renewable ingredients.
  • The Vessel General Permit legislation (VGP) which specifies which vessels operating in US waters that must use an EAL.

We are world experts in the development of base oils from a renewable source for use in environments where product release or spillage may occur.

We have developed a line of Bioplus™ ester base oils. Our products are designed for environmentally sensitive areas and manufactured with renewable and sustainable raw materials; all are biodegradable and have low toxicity to aquatic organisms.

Our products are also certified with the European Ecolabel, suitable for formulation under VGP and most are USDA.

If you are interested with our products, contact us at sales@bioplus-corp.com

Ester Base Oil