Quality, Health, Security & Environment


We at Bioplus believe that Quality Assurance and Quality Control, are vital aspects of our products and services because no degree of project planning, data processing or interpretative insight can compensate for poor quality deliverables, poor data or poor data management.

Bioplus focus globally on safe and efficient operations, with an emphasis on health, safety and due respect to the environment. All of our personnel are well-trained, qualified and experienced. We aim to provide high quality service, with the latest, most efficient and reliable equipment, according to our customers’ requirements.

With emphasis on research, development and technical innovation, Bioplus is committed to delivering high quality products and services to our clients worldwide.

Bioplus aims to conduct its business by adopting a proactive attitude before its customers and stakeholders, meeting its demands quickly and efficiently, offering solutions while identifying and managing risks, observing the requirements of quality, health, safety and environment, complying with the applicable contractual, statutory, regulatory are further relevant requirements, adopting the best management and technology practices for our activities and ensuring our customer a standard of excellence for contracted products and services.

Integrated Management System

As expected from any well-managed company, Bioplus operates an Integrated Management System that relies upon severe quality controls of internal policies, processes and procedures, which work combined as a single unit in accordance with the standards of ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018.

Besides the strict compliance process, we continuously seek not only to meet the key business management standards of the industry, but also to improve our business processes and performance, with a constant concern on maximising efficiency in order to ensure Quality Assurance, Management of Risk and Quality Control is implemented in every aspect of the business, guaranteeing our customer’s total satisfaction.

In the exercise of our activities, we declare ourselves committed to:

  • Act with ethics, honesty, responsibility and respect for people, open to dialogue and in accordance with the laws, norms and commitments assumed, generating mutual trust between clients, partners, suppliers, workforce, society and competent authorities;
  • Provide quality products and services, evaluating the impacts and systematically managing the potential environmental, safety and health risks associated with the activities, acting for its minimisation and control;
  • Preserve the health and physical integrity of employees, in order to improve the quality of life and continually reduce incidents and accidents;
  • Promote the continuous improvement of performance in quality, safety, environment and occupational health, through knowledge, training and awareness, involving and motivating employees to commit themselves to corporate goals, as to exceed customer expectations in the quality of the products and services provided;
  • Ensure the excellence practices and results through the recognition and valuation of professionals;
  • Preserve the environment, preventing pollution, rationalizing the consumption of non-renewable natural resources, applying recycling programs, minimizing the waste generated and mitigating any potential environmental impacts;
  • Act in an entrepreneurial and innovative way, fostering the application of the best technologies, promoting the continuous improvement of the management model, processes and services.