Bioplus™ E-2460

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Bioplus™ E-2460 is an oxidatively stable, ISO 460 biodegradable complex ester, suitable for use as a base fluid and thickener in a wide range of applications.

Product Details
Ester – from renewable source

Ester base oil

Features and Benefits

  • Biodegradable – compliance with local environmental regulations
  • Effective at low treat rates – efficient formulations
  • Good lubricity – improved surface finish and increased efficiency
  • High renewability content – reduce impact on limited natural resources
  • High thermal and oxidatively stable – improved in-service operation and longer life
  • High viscosity – low treat rate required
  • Hydrolytically stable – longer life and increased productivity
  • Low volatility – reduced product maintenance
  • Shear stable – improved in-service operation, longer life

Suggestions for Use

  • Chain oils (180-300°C)
  • Industrial gear oils
  • Environmentally acceptable hydraulic fluids
  • Greases
  • Metalworking fluids (neat oils)


  • Chain oils 180-300°C
  • Greases – EAL
  • Greases – high temperature
  • Hydraulic fluids EAL – HEES
  • Hydraulic fluids EAL – HEFPR
  • Industrial gear oils
  • Marine
  • MWF – neat oil