Bioplus believes that technical advances and innovation is only possible with extensive Research and Development that systematically combines both basic and applied research, with a view towards discovering solutions to problems or creating innovative products and services and developing knowledge, or improving existing services or products.

In order to continuously improve our products and services and expand our market reach, we maintain a dynamic internal structure, composed of industrial and academic researchers, tasked with applied research in technological and scientific fields, toward innovation and enhancement of intellectual property of our specialty bio chemicals.

On the technological field, our engineers, are fully committed with the development of new solutions for HIGH PERFORMANCE CHEMICAL TECHNOLOGY.

We explore the boundaries of bio robotics and artificial intelligence with expertise, focused on the development of effective, computer-controlled devices that make our work easier and safer.

On the scientific field, our scientists are focused on the research and development of sustainable and eco-friendly products.

On the business field, our market specialists seek constant interaction with its target markets to learn its needs and provide real-time feedback during the research and development process. This allows BioPlus to develop solutions that keep pace with even the most shifting of needs.

Our lean approach to providing solutions also guarantees fast delivery, maximum client interaction and qualitative improvement to operations.