Bioplus gathered local expertise – relying on the knowledge and experience of renowned professionals from the most reliable and relevant strands – and global experience from major partners, working together to hold debate, influence laws, regulations and guidelines and to contribute for environmental protection, sustainability, health, safety and the best resources management.

Bioplus main focus and greatest demands used to be concentrated in Latin America and South East Asia. However, BioPlus was always willing and committed to take up new challenges and further expand its business and markets to have a truly global reach.

Bioplus strategic growth planning was put together including a strong foothold on Oleochemicals and Hydraulic Fluids with a view to soon consolidate the company’s position to one of leading reference in the global market. That objective would require extensive expansion and product development portfolio.

+ BIO Technology Ltda Pre Acquisition

+ BIO Technology
Ltda Pre Acquisition

+ BIO Technology

Strategic partnering allowed + BIO Technology to develop formulas of lubricants and commercial and strategic relationships with major Brazilian and International Payers for the provision of their products locally.

+ BIO Technology held an established project track record for Oil & Gas Majors for oleochemicals and lubricants with an emphasis on technical innovation.

+ BIO Technology Mergers & Acquisitions

+ BIO Technology
Mergers & Acquisitions

On the 15th of May 2020, a major achievement for the future of our group was completed, BioPlus Chemicals Ltd, the holding company of BioPlus Corporation, acquired 100% of the assets, intellectual property, company name, database, unbilled work in progress and all project history of + BIO Technology.

Joining forces in the exact moment that demand is being increased while the industry makes efforts to get back on its feet is part of our strengthening strategy to face giant competitors from the international market and to enhance our market share whilst providing a better bespoken products and services portfolio to our clients.

Together we have grown in portfolio, strength, consistency, experience and capability, holding a firm structure and a robust and diverse products portfolio.

Post-Acquisition Strategy

Mergers & Acquisitions continues to be a major strategy for improving innovation, profitability and market share. It plays a significant role for BioPlus Chemicals, consonant with the goal to accelerate market share growth.

A key element of our Business Strategy Plan was to merge with or acquire complementary companies, considering their current business status, their present market scenario, and the coming opportunities.

The makeover from separate specialized companies delivering detached products, into one that efficiently and cost effectively delivers stout solution for multi-disciplinary demands, has potentialized our operational capacity and global presence. We have successfully completed this merger offering new high-performance chemicals and lubricants worldwide from a robust, uniform and comprehensive basis.